Documents of Consumption II: leftovers, 2013 - mixed media on cardboard, approx. 34x44"

Documents of Consumption: uneaten, 2013 - mixed media on composite panel,  approx. 10x7"

John, 6x6', acrylic on canvas, 2008
Graham (installation view,
 OCADU 4th floor men's room - 'peek-a-boo!'),
 6x6', 2008

Intended to throw the whole art/viewer relationship
 on its head, these two paintings greet the unwary
 spectator on their own terms. When someone passes
 the painting a motion sensor will be activated,
 triggering a response by these fine chaps.  

Eye-scream, you scream!, 2007 - kinetic sculpture - action shot of Dave & Yvon transporting  this stunning piece of fine art sculpture from the old 49.5 McCaul St thesis studios to be displayed at Transit Space @ OCAD for the Recycled Art show.

Eye-scream in action at the Recycled Art recpetion. Acrylic & oil house paint  on ice cream cone/repurposed  ice cream machine...I guess the actual ice cream machine may be worth something now. After rejecting multiple offers from shady gentlemen inquiring about the relic sitting on my front porch...it disappeared one night, never to be seen again. *sniff* You will be missed, Eye-scream.

Bubs, acrylic on canvasboard, 2007

Chretien, 6x4', acrylic ink on paper, 2008

Thundergod, acrylic on illustration board, 2009

Purple Haze, 4x3', acrylic on Masonite, 2007

Oooooh, yeeah! SNAP INTO IT!, 6x4',
 acrylic on canvas, 2006